Customized Tungsten Carbide (WC) Alloy Engineering Parts

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MSE Supplies offers MSE PRO customized tungsten carbide (WC) alloy engineering parts to meet our customers' application requirements. 

Tungsten carbide alloy, also known as “cemented carbide”, “hard alloy” or “hardmetal”, is a kind of metallurgic material which contains tungsten carbide powder (chemical formula: WC) and other binder (cobalt, nickel. etc.). It can be pressed and formed into customized shapes, grinded with precision, and welded with or grafted to other metals. Various types and grades of tungsten carbide alloy can be designed as required for use in application intended, including chemical industry, oil & gas, marine, mining and cutting tools, mold and die, wear parts, etc..

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Alloy

  • High hardness: extremely hard, ranking about 9 on Mohs scale, and with a Vickers number of around 2600.
  • Good high temperature prosperities: excellent properties even at 500 ℃.
  • High bending stiffness: with a Young’s modulus of approximately 530–700 GPa (77,000 to 102,000 ksi ).
  • Excellent wear resistance: tungsten carbide alloy made wear part is proven to last 3 to 6 times longer than a steel tool.

    Industries and Applications We Serve

    Aerospace & Defense | Automotive & Transportation | Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals | Electronics | Energy | Equipment & Machinery | Mining | Oil & Gas | 

    Examples of Products: MSE PRO Tungsten Carbide (WC) Alloy Engineering Parts 

    Grinding Tools for Ball Mills
    Tungsten carbide alloy grinding balls, jars, bowls and mortar are the highest density grinding tools for laboratory grinding mill, ball mill machine, power grinder, ball mill crusher etc. High hardness and strength can meet the application of crushing and refining for most majority of metal powders, especially those hard and super hard metal powders. The external dimensions, thickness and shapes can be finished according to the user's design drawings to meet the user's specific requirements.

    Grinding Tools for Crushing Mills
    Tungsten carbide alloy is used to make durable crusher wear parts. Its high hardness,1 700 to 2000 Hv30 (84-94 RA), together with its resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion and abrasion make it popular in many industrial and engineering applications where it is used to increase component wear life. Sample applications include tungsten carbide alloy studs for high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR), tungsten carbide alloy strips and bars for vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher, tungsten carbide alloy rotors & hammers/tungsten carbide alloy Liner/tungsten carbide alloy classifying wheel for air classifying mill, tungsten carbide alloy disk and tungsten carbide alloy jaw crusher plate. 
    Grinding Tools for Bead Mills
    Tungsten carbide alloy grinding disks, pins, hammers, grinding media and grinding tank/chamber with high wear resistance guarantees the good performance of the bead mill, sand mill and other grinding machines.
    Tungsten Carbide Alloy Tool Parts
    Its excellent properties, such as abrasive resistant, anti-corrosion, high efficiency in heat conduction and sturdiness make the tungsten carbide alloy the most suitable choice for applications that involves mud motors and compressors of slurry pump, heavy-duty pump, water pump, oil pump and other pumps, especially used for high pressure or corrosion resistance pumps for oil and gas industries and other flow control projects.