Customized Electroplate and Electroless Plating Services

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MSE Supplies offers services in custom electroplate and electroless plating for metal surface treatment. 

Surface treatments allow for the addition of new properties and improvements of existing ones. This process can offer environmental benefits, like extended product life and reduced emissions, as well as economic benefits like improved fuel economy. 

Electroplating: The object undergoing electroplating is immersed in a bath containing an ionized metal cathode, as metal serves as the anode. Current passes between the two poles by means of an external power source. Thus, the electrolytic material on the cathode reduces the metal ions in the tank, which precipitates and forms a metallic film.

Electroless plating: In electroless plating, oxidant (ionized metal) and reducing agent are dissolved within the plating tank. When an object is submerged in this solution, a redox reaction occurs, resulting in a thin coating of electroplated metal. 


  • Metals: Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn
  • Other materials (electroless plating): Ni-P alloy, Ni-P+BN, Ni-P+PTFE, Ni-P+SiC, Ni-P-Zn

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