Covers for High Purity Zirconia (ZrO<sub>2</sub>) Crucibles,  MSE Supplies

Covers for High Purity Zirconia (ZrO2) Crucibles

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High purity zirconia (ZrO2) crucibles have excellent wear, chemical and temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature up to 2100°C. It is ideal for the application which requires the temperature higher than Alumina crucible withstand temperature (1600°C), such as melting of precious metals and super-alloys which have melting point higher than 1800°C. 

These crucible covers can be used to avoid split of liquid chemicals or create a low oxygen environment during calcination. 

Purity: >99%

Maximum temperature: 1800°C (air); 2100 °C (Nitrogen or Vacuum)

Cover dimensions can be customized upon request.