Corner Cube Prisms

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MSE supplies offers customized Corner Cube Prisms with different materials, dimension, surface qualify, etc. 

Corner Cube Prisms, which are also called retroreflectors, are in the shape of the corner of a cube. It can reflect the incident beam parallel to the incident direction, regardless of the position of the prisms. The image will be inverted and reflected through 180° even if the angle of incidence is not zero. They are widely used in beam steering, land surveying, laser resonator cavities, electronic distance measurement, etc.

MSE Supplies can offer a variant of optical elements, with different materials, size, surface quality and coating. Please contact us for customization or bulk orders. 

Technical Data:

Parameters Value
  • Optical Glass
  • Fused Silica
Size (mm) 5-120
Size Tolerance (mm) +0/-0.01~+0/-0.1
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.01~±0.1
Irregularity (P-V) @ 632.8nm λ/10~λ/2
Surface Quality 20/10~60/40
Centration <30”~3'
Clear Aperture (%) >90
Bevel Protective bevel as needed
Coating Uncoated, AR, BBAR, Mirror