MSE PRO Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewar, 35L

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MSE PRO™ Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewar, 35L 

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) dewars are insulated containers used for storing biological samples at temperatures as low as -196℃. They can also be used solely for liquid nitrogen storage as well. This 35L aluminum alloy dewar consists of an outer shell, an inner liner, a neck tube, a multilayer insulayer and a bucket. 

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  • Consists of an aluminum foil insulator as a reflective screen for low thermal conductivity and low outgassing rate in an effort to reduce heat radiation. 
  • The interlayer between the inner liner and shell is in a high vacuum state to prevent thermal convection of liquid nitrogen. 
  • Dewar neck allows for placement of 6 racks consisting of 5 layers for cryogenic box storage. 
  • Optional "Intelligent Alarm" that sounds when LN2 levels are low (LS0215). 

Items Included 

  • 35L dewar container
  • Lid to dewar container
  • 6 storage racks with 5 layers each
  • Protective cover for the dewar container


SKU # 

LS0214 (Normal Lid)

LS0215 (with LN2 Intelligent Alarm Lid)

 Storage Volume (L) 35
Inner Neck Diameter (mm) 125
Material (Inner and External) Aluminum Alloy
Height (mm) 735
Diameter (mm) 451
Empty Weight (w/o Racks, kg) 18.6
Empty Weight (with Racks, kg) 23.04
Static Evaporation Rate (L/D) 0.36
# of Square Canister Racks 6
# of Layers to Canister Racks 5
Canister Rack Dimensions (mm) 82x84
Box Dimensions (mm) 76x76
Vial Capacity (1.2/2.0 mL) 750

Please contact us for other volume options. 

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