Adjustable substrate rack for 100 mL beaker

SKU: LAB-AS_R_100mL_1.4mm-6s

  • $ 53695

This PTFE rack is machined to accommodate a wide variety of substrates in different sizes and shapes. It basically consists of a pair of movable blocs with dies mounted in a perforated base. It resists most of the acids, bases and organic solvents. This model is designed to fit inside a standard 100 mL beaker. However, it is available in several different versions to accommodate samples inside various beaker sizes (25 mL, 50 mL, 150 mL, and 250 mL). Customization is available on request. Beaker and substrates are not included.

Application note:
This adjustable substrate rack is most commonly used for cleaning substrates, etching, developing photoresist, solvent treatment, SAM deposition and baking (below 250 deg C).

max. substrate width: 25 mm
min. substrate width: 3 mm
max. substrate thickness: 1.4 mm or 3.4 mm
max. number of substrates: 6 pcs ( up 1.4 mm thick) or 5 pcs (up to 3.4 mm thick)

Product includes:
1 Adjustable substrate rack for 100mL beaker (up 1.4 mm thick or up to 3.4 mm thick substrates)