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Cerium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite (Ce: YAP) Scintillation Crystals

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Cerium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite Scintillation Crystal is also known as Ce:YAP. It is a scintillation crystal with several superior properties including high light output, fast decay time, great thermal stability stable chemical properties, etc. It is widely used for gamma-ray detection, scanning systems, high-energy physics, two-dimensional imaging and many other fields.

Main Parameters of Ce:YAP Scintillation Crystal Substrates

Material Ce:YAP
CAS# 12003-86-0
Crystal structure Orthogonal
Peak wavelength 370 nm
Melt point  1875 ºC
Density  5.4 g/cm3
Refractive index  1.96
Hardness 8.6 Mohs
Relative light output 70 %
Decay time 25 ns
Irradiation hardness  106 rad
Afterglow (6ms after) No



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