Bottom Mount Front Contact Electrochemical Cell Setup

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This is a static voltammetry cell with variants for different sample dimensions. The sample is loaded from the bottom via magnetic or screw mount, while counter or/and reference electrodes are mounted in the lid as either 2-, or 3-electrode configuration. The cell is constructed with materials that are inert to the sample environment (glass and PEEK), and it can be used with FKM/EPDM O-rings or FFKM O-rings for aqueous or organic electrolyte requirements, respectively. The construction is gas-tight and inert gas can be bubbled through the electrolyte to remove and exclude contaminants such as air or water.

Application Note:
The reference electrode tip should be placed close to the sample surface to ensure a negligible potential drop throughout the electrolyte solution during low-current experiments. In the magnetic variant of the cell, the strength with which the magnets hold the sample is adjusted by adding or removing the washers under the magnets. Thanks to this procedure, the distance between the magnets changes, with it, the force of their attraction. Various auxiliary electrodes are suitable for this cell, including metal wire and metal plate electrodes as well as carbon-based electrodes (graphite or Glassy Carbon). If a purge gas is used, stop the flow during experiments for better results. 


  • Nominal exposure area: 0.07 cm2 for 5x5mm20.2 cm2 for 7x7mm2, 0.5 cm2 for 10x10mm2, and 1.33 cm2 for 15x15mm2
  • Minimum electrolyte volume: 2.5 mL
  • Maximum electrolyte volume: 15 mL
  • Electrode plug diameter: 6 mm
  • Substrate size: 5x5mm2, 7x7mm2, 10x10mm2, and 15x15mm2, other sizes available on request
  • Minimum substrate thickness: 0.4 mm*
  • *lower thicknesses are also feasible when using a pad below the sample

Setup Includes:

  • 1 x BM FC EC 15mL - Bottom Mount Front Contact Electrochemical Cell, 15mL (or BMM FC EC 15mL  Bottom Magnetic Mount Front Contact Electrochemical Cell, 15mL)
  • 1 x lid
  • 1 x glass chamber
  • 1 x bottom casing
  • 1 x sample mount
  • 1 x tantalum contact
  • 1 x plug
  • 1 x set of Nylon screws (screw variant only)
  • 1 x Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl, or Ag/Ag+), 70mm, 4 mm female banana socket
  • 1 x Metal Wire Auxiliary Electrode - 50HX15 0.6/250 mm, platinum 99.9%, 4 mm female banana socket