Benchmark BeadBlaster 96 Ball Mill Homogenizer

  • $ 10,10895

Benchmark BeadBlaster™ 96 Ball Mill Homogenizer

The BeadBlaster™ 96 is an extremely versatile bead mill homogenizer that has applications in a variety of areas, including biological research, environmental testing, and industrial settings. Adapters are available for microplates, microtubes, and 15/50ml tubes. Grinding jars and balls in a variety of materials are available.

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Wet homogenization, dry grinding, and cryogrinding can all be performed with the BeadBlaster™ 96. The arced motion of the sample holders and powerful motor allow samples to be processed quickly and efficiently. All parameters are digitally controlled through the large touch screen and 9 programs can be stored in memory.

The safety cover lifts up for easy access to the sample holders and automatically locks during operation. The wrap-around design of the clear acrylic lid allows for visualization during homogenization.

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IPD9600: Ball Mill Homogenizer (120V)

IPD9600-E: Ball Mill Homogenizer (230V)



Speed Range: 180 to 1800 rpm
Speed Increment: 100 rpm
Cycle Duration: 1 sec to 59 min. 59 sec
Pause: 1 sec to 59 min. 59 sec
Cycles: 99
Programs: 9
Dimensions (WxDxH) 335 x 500 x 365mm
Weight: 64 kg
Electrical: 120V, 50 Hz or 220V, 60 Hz
Warranty: 2 years