MSE PRO Solid Electrolyte, Lithium Phosphate (Li3PO4) LiPON Sputtering Targets

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Product Information

MSE PRO Solid Electrolyte, Lithium Phosphate (Li3PO4) Sputtering Targets for LiPON Thin Film solid electrolyte in solid state batteries

Composition: Li3PO4, Lithium Phosphate

Molecular Weight: 115.79

CAS Number: 10377-52-3

Purity: 99.95%

Sputtering Target dimensions: diameter range (1", 2", 3", 4"), 1/8" thickness (other customized sizes are available upon request)

Copper backing plate dimensions: 2mm thickness oxygen free copper backing plate

Bonding: Indium bonding

Product Form: Hot pressed sputtering target bonded to copper backing plate

Each sputtering target includes a set of the following components: hot pressed Lithium Phosphate (Li3PO4) Sputtering Target + 0.125 inch (3mm) thickness oxygen free copper backing plate + Indium bonding

Packaging: vacuum sealed.

Applications: Lithium phosphorus oxynitride solid electrolyte, known as Lipon, is a thin film solid electrolyte material that can be deposited by sputtering. LiPON is an amorphous glassy material used as an electrolyte material in thin film lithium batteries. Layers of LiPON are deposited over the cathode material at ambient temperatures by RF magnetron sputtering. This forms the solid electrolyte used for ion conduction between anode and cathode in a lithium ion battery cell. Nancy Dudney from Oak Ridge National Lab reported the addition of a thin-film inorganic solid electrolyte (Lipon) as a protective film in lithium batteries with a liquid electrolyte in her highly cited paper published in the Journal of Power Sources in year 2000.

* All solid state electrolyte materials sold by MSE Supplies are under the trademark of Ampcera.



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