Accuris Aspire Laboratory Aspirator Accessories

  • $ 3295

Accuris Aspire Laboratory Aspirator Accessories

The Accuris Aspire Aspirator has accessories available to accommodate your aspiration needs! 

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The Accuris Aspire Laboratory Aspirator is an ideal choice for a wide range of laboratory aspirating applications, including removal of media from tissue culture vessels or plates, and supernatants. An ergonomic, handheld controller is included, and holds standard 200 to 300ul disposable pipette tips.

The handheld controller, and adapters are made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), and fully autoclavable.


  • V1002-1SL: Extra long, (80mm) Single Channel Fine Tip Stainless Steel Adapter
  • V1002-8: 8-channel Adapter, Fine Tip Stainless Steel
  • V1002-S8: 8-channel Adapter for 200uL Pipette Tips
  • V0020-QD: Quick Disconnect Kit (includes 2 Male/Female Attachments and Silicone Tubing)
  • V0020-BOT: Extra Graduated, PC Collection Bottle and Lid (1 Included w/ Aspirator Purchase)

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