Accuris Analytical Balances, Series Dx

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Accuris Analytical Balances, Series Dx

    The Accuris Series Dx Analytical Balances are robust, workhorse instruments that utilize Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) technology. EFR is the gold standard for fast and reliable sub milligram mass determinations.

    The waterproof and wear resistant front panel has been designed to hold up to spills and years of constant use.

    A brightly lit, dot matrix graphical display clearly shows weighing results and also enables an intuitive menu system that’s easy to work with. Useful features such as dynamic animal weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing and more are quickly accessible.

    The front feet of the Dx balances are adjustable for proper leveling of the on a stable surface, and a leveling bubble behind the weighing chamber confirms proper installation.

    A Quik-Cal™ calibration system helps ensure that the balance is always calibrated and ready for use. Simply press the CAL button to perform an automatic calibration using the internal precision calibration weight. Auto calibration can also be set to occur at specific time intervals depending on user preference.


          Model W3101A-120 W3101A-220
          Capacity 120 grams 220 grams
          Readability 0.0001 grams (0.1 mg) 0.0001 grams (0.1 mg)
          Linearity ± 0.2 mg ± 0.2 mg
          Repeatability ± 0.1 mg ± 0.1 mg
           Pan size (Round)  80 mm 80 mm
          Draft Shield  yes, glass yes, glass
          Weighing Units  g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, % g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, %
          Calibration Internal Quick Cal and External Internal Quick Cal and External
          Display  Back Lit, Dot Matrix, LCD  Back Lit, Dot Matrix, LCD
          Exterior Dims.  13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches 13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches
          Product Weight 13 Lbs. / 6 Kg 13 Lbs. / 6 Kg
          Warranty 2 Years 2 Years


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