99.995% 4N5 Indium Foil (50x50x0.5 mm) for Heat Sink and Solid State Battery,  MSE Supplies

99.995% 4N5 Indium Foil (50x50x0.5 mm) for Heat Sink and Solid State Battery

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99.995% 4N5 Indium Foil (50x50x0.5 mm)

  • Product Number: CM0101
  • Formula: In
  • CAS: 7440-74-6
  • Form: foil
  • Dimensions: 50x50x0.5 mm
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Resistivity:  8.37 μΩ-cm
  • Melting Point: 156.6 °C
  • Density: 7.3 g/cmat 25 °C (lit.)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 81.8W/m.K
  • Purity: 99.995% 4N5 (trace metal basis)
  • Net weight: ~9.2 g


Indium foil is widely used in the electronics industry, heat dissipation of conductors and heat dissipation of semiconductor. The most common use is as an extremely efficient heat sink for high temperature and cryogenic applications. It is also can be used for all solid state lithium battery, catalysis and thermal neutrons capture. 

The size and thickness of indium foil can be customized upon request. We also offer high purity indium in ingot, rod, granule, powder and wire. 

Notes: More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), lead time and volume pricing are available upon request.


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