6 inch N-type SiC Epitaxial Wafers on SiC Substrates

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MSE Supplies offers SiC Epitaixal wafer on SiC substrate. They have the advantages of operating under high-voltage, high electric current, and at high temperatures compared to semiconductor devices based on silicon. These unique features of SiC epitaxial wafers lead to the miniaturization of devices, enabling smaller and lighter power control modules to be made. They are often used for power devices (schottky diodes, MOSFETs, JEFTs, BJTs, IGBTs), thyristors for green energy systems (solar inverters), hybridand electric vehicles and numerous other energy-efficient systems.

Typical Specification:

Diameter 6 inch (150 mm)
Poly-type 4H
Dopant N-type
Epi Layer
Dopant Nitrogen
Thickness 5 ~ 50 μm
Thickness Tolerance ± 10%
Thickness Uniformity σ/mean ≤ 10%
Doping Level 1E15 ~ 1E17 cm-3
Doping Tolerance ± 15%
Doping Uniformity σ/mean ≤ 20%
Epi Defects
Total Killer Defects ≤2 /cm2
Surface Quality
Edge Exclusion 5 mm
Scratches ≤ 1 × wafer diameter cumulative length
Surface Roughness Ra ≤ 0.5 nm

*N-type epi layers are usually preceded by an n-type, 1E18 cm-3, 1.0 μm buffer layer

* Please provide the desired specification for us to check if any in stock. 

Customer Success Story: NASA uses custom-made SiC epitaxial wafers and SiC substrates supplied by MSE Supplies to develop high temperature and smart silicon carbide electronics and sensors.

Lear more about NASA's SiC devices built on the custom made SiC epitaxial wafers supplied by MSE Supplies. Click here.


Customized SiC epi-wafer products can be made to meet customer's requirements and specifications. Both semi-insulating and N-type SiC substrates are available. The epitaxial SiC layer can also be grown with the CVD process to be either N-type or P-type with controlled doping concentration and layer thickness. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our scientists and engineers.