5L Lab Scale 3D Movement Mixer - MSE Supplies LLC

MSE PRO 5L Lab Scale 3D Movement Powder Mixer

  • $ 6,29500

Product Features for 5L Lab Scale 3D Movement Powder Mixer

  • Closed disk valve design to avoid dust
  • Polished 304 grade stainless steel container to minimize contamination (316 grade stainless steel is also available upon request)
  • Unique mixing barrel structure
  • High efficiency blending
  • 3D movement to enable homogenous mixing

This 3D movement powder mixer is designed for mixing the materials with large density differences. The materials inside container can move in three dimensions which can avoid gravity segregation and accumulation. This product is widely used for powder/granule mixing in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy and electronics research and industries. 

The default input electric voltage is single-phase 220V. 110V version is available with additional cost.  MSE Supplies can offer 3D mixers with the volume up to 600L. Please Contact Us for quotation.

Product Number Container Volume (L) Mixing Volume (L)

Rotation Speed (RPM)

Power (kW) Outer Dimension (mm) Net Wight (kg)
MA0804 5 4.5 0-20 0.25 600*1000*1000 100