5 Sets of 4 inch Diameter 25 Wafers Carrier Box, Polypropylene, Cleanroom Class 100 Grade

  • €12495

High quality cleanroom class 100 grade group wafer carrier box is commonly used for the storage, transport and handling of semiconductor wafers, sapphire wafers or other single crystal substrates. This wafer carrier box is made with polypropylene (PP) material and can hold up to 25 of 4" wafers.

SKU# CA0107


Dimensions 163mm (L) x 146mm (W) x 120.7mm (H)
Net weight 370.3g
Capacity up to 25 wafers
Suitable wafer size 4" 
Material Polypropylene
Slot gap 4.76mm
Packing Pack of 5 sets, with each set for holding up to 25 wafers
Grade Cleanroom class 100