30 mm Diameter MgO Cover Plate for 30 mL MgO Crucibles,  MSE Supplies

30 mm Diameter MgO Cover Plate for 30 mL MgO Crucibles

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MgO Crucible Cover Plate Specifications:

Diameter of plate: 30 mm
Thickness of plate: 3 mm

For use with 30 mL MgO crucible as the cover plate or as a standalone substrate plate 

Application temperature: up to 4000 °F (2200 °C)

Note: We recommend you use cover with the crucible when volatile species are involved in the process.

For crucible and cover whole set, please click here.

Introduction and Applications

Magnesium Oxide Crucibles are good for the application of ultra high temperature processes up to 4000 °F (2200 °C). MgO crucible is a better alternative to Alumina (Al2O3) crucibles due to their superior chemical resistance and its inertness to metals, slags and superconductor compounds.

When MgO crucibles are used in lithium solid state electrolyte synthesis or sintering, MgO has its own unique advantage of not reacting with Lithium unlike Al2O3 crucibles, therefore it maintains the lithium vapor pressure better without causing access lithium loss in the solid state electrolyte.

Other applications include:

* Superconductor material processing

* Beta Alumina Processing

* Dielectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric material processing

* Nickel based super alloy processing

* Plutonium and Uranium related material processing