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24-Ton Benchtop Heated Lab Press (300°C) with Dual Flat Heating Plates (100x100 mm)

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The MSE PRO benchtop 24T manual hydraulic heated lab press is designed for heated pressing of polymer, ceramic powder and electrode/membrane films. This benchtop heated lab press has two flat heating plates (100 mm x 100 mm), which can be heated up to 300 °C. The heating plate temperatures are individually controlled by two digital temperature controllers, which ensures the precise temperature control. The optional water cooling jackets are installed with the heating plates to allow the heated plates to achieve fast cooling (The water chiller is optional for purchase with additional cost). This benchtop heated lab press also can be used as small laminator for polymer films. 

At MSE Supplies, we are experts at powder processing materials, ball milling equipment and accessories. We offer a variety of ball mill and jars to break down the particle size before the pressing. We also supply pellet pressing dies which are compatible with this press for pellet pressing. 

MSE Supplies can offer heated lab presses with a heating plate size from 100x100 mm to 400x400 mm. We also have heated presses that can be heated up to 500 °C. Please contact MSE Supplies for your heated lab press.

    Brand MSE PRO
    Product SKU #

    PR0307 without chiller

    PR0308 with chiller

    Pressure range 0-24 Metric Tons (0-34 MPa)
    Heating range up to 300 °C
    Diameter of piston (d) 95mm
    Temperature control accuracy 0.1 °C
    Cooling mode Water cooling (Water chiller is optional with additional cost)
    Heating plate (MxN) Dual 100x100 mm
    Hot press dimension (KxPxH) 245mm x 175mm x 500mm
    Overall dimension including the optional chiller (LxWxH) 800mm x 470mm x 500mm
    Net weight

    64kg without chiller

    90kg with chiller

    Power supply 220V/600W
    Warranty Limited one year warranty, excluding damages caused by improper use
    Note Please clean the press after each use to ensure the best performance and longer life time