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100 grams Polished Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Grinding Media Balls

  • $ 12595

Qty (100g) Price (USD per 100g)
1 - 9 $ 125.00
10 - 99 $ 87.50
100 - 100+ $ 62.50

Polished Silicon Nitride Grinding Media Balls

Silicon nitride grinding media balls have desirable characteristics such as high strength, good wear/corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and are non-magnetic. Compared with other grinding media, it has a lighter weight (60% less than steel), lower thermal expansion, and reduced total operational cost. Its high hardness can meet the demands of a vast majority of metal powder crushing and refining. It is an ideal grinding media when high hardness, low contamination and less abrasion are required. Our silicon nitride media is available in sizes ranging from 3mm - 25mm, with other sizes available upon request. These polished silicon nitride balls can also be used as bearing balls.

General Description for Silicon Nitride Grinding Media

  • Material: Silicon Nitride
  • Surface treatment: Polished (Unpolished available)
  • Ball diameters: 3mm/ 5mm/ 10mm/ 15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm (other sizes are available upon request) 
  • Package size: 100 grams/EA
  • Density: 3.2 g/cm3
  • Hardness: 78HRC
  • Abrasion resistance: Excellent
  • RT bending strength: 600~700 MPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 1000 ℃
  • Kic fracture toughness: 5.0~6.0 MPa∙m^1/2
  • Modulus of elasticity: 300~320 GPa
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 3.3 10^-6 /℃
  • Suitable for: Hard, abrasive samples
  • Compatible grinding jars: Silicon Nitride, Nylon or Teflon (PTFE) Jar. Other jars can be used with caution to minimize abrasion and wear.