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MSE Supplies offers high-purity ZnS pieces, sputtering targets and zinc sulfide powder for a variety of applications. We also supply custom solutions for your ZnS element needs. Request a quote today for all your zinc sulfide needs.

Zinc Sulfide Sputtering Targets ZnS,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Zinc Sulfide Sputtering Targets ZnS

$ 22770
4N (99.99%) Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Pieces (3-12mm) Evaporation Materials - MSE Supplies LLC

MSE PRO 4N (99.99%) Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Pieces (3-12mm) Evaporation Materials

$ 14950

What is (ZnS) Zinc Sulfide?

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is a compound made up of zinc (Zn) and sulfur (S) atoms. It is a white to yellowish-white solid with a crystalline structure. The ZnS element is instrumental in various industrial processes due to its properties, such as its wide bandgap, high transparency to visible light and luminescent properties. These qualities make it useful in pigment manufacturing, photocatalysis and semiconductor fabrication.

What Applications Is (ZnS) Zinc Sulfide Used For?

A multitude of applications leverage the unique properties of zinc sulfide, including but not limited to the following:

  • Optical Materials: ZnS is often evaporated under a vacuum to form thin films that create visible and infrared optical materials.
  • Pigment Production: ZnS’s white color lends itself well to use as a pigment in various industrial processes.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Many researchers prefer using ZnS as a semiconductor because it has a wide bandgap and exhibits high excitation binding energy.
  • Photocatalysts: Zinc sulfide's photoluminescent properties make it an excellent choice for photocatalytic applications.
  • Coating: PVD and CVD processes also use ZnS as evaporation materials in decorative and IR coating.

Benefits of Ordering ZnS from MSE Supplies

Choosing MSE Supplies as your zinc sulfide supplier confers numerous advantages:

  • Top Quality: We guarantee the superior quality of our ZnS products, ensuring they meet the highest standards for your industrial applications.
  • Factory-Direct Pricing: Our direct-from-factory approach means you benefit from affordable pricing without compromising quality.
  • Customization: MSE Supplies offers customizable ZnS products, ensuring the best fit for your specific requirements.
  • Expert Support: Our team of materials scientists stands ready to provide professional advice and guidance, enhancing your ordering experience.

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