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What are Wafer Carrier Cases, Membrane Boxes and Sticky Gel Boxes?

Protecting sensitive materials like semiconductor wafers and single-crystal substrates demands specialized storage and transport solutions. Wafer carriers, membrane boxes and gel sticky boxes fulfill this. The wafer carrier is an expertly crafted case, predominantly made of natural or conductive polypropylene, designed to hold wafers securely while offering maximum grip and minimum pressure. Membrane boxes provide a cushioned and protective environment, safeguarding the contents from environmental stressors or contaminants. The gel sticky carrier box is characterized by its sticky gel layer, which keeps the materials firmly in place, offering an additional layer of protection, especially during shipment.

What Applications are Wafer Carrier Cases, Membrane Boxes, Sticky Gel Boxes Used for?

Wafer carrier cases are essential in semiconductor fabrication plants, research labs and electronic assembly units. They offer perfect safeguarding for semiconductor wafers, ensuring no physical or environmental damage occurs during processing or transit. Membrane boxes, with their cushioned enclosures, are ideal for storing and transporting fragile optical components, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and microchips, shielding them from dust, moisture and vibrations. Sticky gel boxes, with their adhesive attributes, are indispensable for securely holding super-thin materials or those with highly polished surfaces, minimizing the risk of slippage or abrasion during transportation or handling.

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