Universal Shaker SM


Edmund Bühler Universal Shakers SM

Edmund Bühler Universal Shakers SM are rated for loads up to 30 kg.  Numerous, customer defined options make the Edmund Bühler SM 30 a shaker series that is more versatile than the competition. The user starts with the shaker base and builds a platform(s) to suit the unique needs of their laboratory. An additional option exists to purchase an incubator hood for climate controlled shaking.


Choosing the SM Shaker base

  1. Motion: orbital, horizontal reciprocating, or both
  2. Shaking speed: single continuous speed or up to five different user defined speeds

Universal Shaker SM 30

There are two SM 30 motor types: basic or control. The basic models have shaking speeds set by dials. The control models have computer controlled speeds, and their computer comes with either a control or USB connection.

SM 30 basic models operate at one user defined rotational speed. The control models are computer controlled using either a "control" or USB interface. The user may define up to five different time/shaking speed steps. Neither of these shaker models come with the racks pictured above. Only the rubber mat with platform is included as standard. Racks are sold separately. Hot plate shaker SM 30 AT control is also available.


SM 30 A

SM A control

SM 30 B

SM 30 B control

SM 30 C

SM 30 C control

Motion: orbital reciprocating (horizontal) switch from orbital to reciprocating
Shaking platform: 560 x 400 mm 560 x 400 mm 560 x 400 mm
Max load: 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg
Shaking speed:

5 - 300 rpm adjustable

up to 5 programmed steps

15 - 300 rpm adjustable

up to 5 programmed steps

15 - 300 rpm adjustable

up to 5 programmed steps

Stroke: 26 mm

30 mm (option: 46 or 50 mm) 

26 mm 

0 - 120 min / continuous

up to 5 programmed steps

0 - 120 min / continuous

up to 5 programmed steps

0 - 120 min / continuous

up to 5 programmed steps

Order No.:

6101 000

6100 000

6103 000

6102 000

6105 000

6104 000

Electrical supply: 230 V or 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz 230 V or 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz 230 V or 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Enclosure protection: IP 21 IP 21 IP 21
Heat emission: approx. 20 W, or 20 - 30 W approx. 20 W, or 20 - 30 W approx. 20 W, or 20 - 30 W
Ambient temperature: 5°C to 50°C 5°C to 50°C 5°C to 50°C
Relative humidity: ~ 85% ~ 85% ~ 85%
Dimensions (w x d x h): 680 x 610 x 160 mm 680 x 610 x 160 mm 680 x 610 x 160 mm
Weight: 33 kg 33 kg 33 kg

Table of options available for the Edmund Bühler SM 30 shakers. The information for the "Control" programmable shakers, where it differs from the standard models, is given in italics.


SM Shaker Accessories

Accessories that are required to secure the vessels to the shaker are sold separately. Edmund Bühler offers two basic systems plus an additional additional story.

  1. Rack System Combifix SM: Metal and rubber bars hold vessels in place on the shaker plate.
  2. Universal tray SM: Holders for Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube holders screw into the shaker tray, which attaches to the shaker platform.
  3. Mounts to attach a second story tray to the shaker platform.

    Rack System Combifix

    SM 30 Rack systems mount on the metal tray with the rubber mat.

    The Rack System Combifix trays are designed to accommodate larger Erlenmeyer flasks as well as larger, upright vessels that require greater security. The Combifix SM C system, unlike other rack systems for smaller Edmund Bühler shakers, comes with the clamping strips and spring strips needed to secure large separatory funnels.


    Other Accessories: A Universal Tray and 2nd Story Rack

    The Universal tray SM allows the user to screw in attachments for Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube holders. The tray and frame are sold separately.

    Universal tray & 2 story frame

    Additional SM 30 accessories include a traditional universal tray and a 2nd story.

    All four SM trays may be attached to the 2-story top frame SM. The Combifix top story trays come with an additional sliding plate. Two sliding plates may be mounted with each mounting set.

     Order No. Product Description
    0052 065 2-story top frame SM, total height: 332 mm, accommodates 1000 mL flask below it
    0052 117 2-story top frame SM / TH, Dimensions (w x d x h): 600 x 402 x 192 mm, accommodates 250 mL flask below it, fits into TH 30 incubator hood
    0052 074 Mounting set for universal trays or sliding plates on the 2-story top frame SM
    0051 484 Sliding Plate with Combifix SM A
    0051 485 Sliding Plate with Combifix SM B
    0051 486 Sliding Plate with Combifix SM C
    0051 472 Universal tray SM


    The TH 30 Incubator Hood

    Incubator Hood TH 30

    The TH 30 with additional shelf (left) and without (right).

    The Incubator Hood TH 30 has a temperature range from +5°C above ambient to +50°C and can be combined with all universal shakers SM 30 or used as an independent unit. The height is sufficient for 2000 mL Erlenmeyer flasks. The incubator hood is equipped with a standard light and a UV light. Optionally, a cooling device for an external cooling system can be installed.

    Safety cut-off of UV light and stop of the shaker when the front door is opened if combined with an Edmund Bühler Universal Shaker.

    An additional heating device sufficient to reach 60°C (0052 105) and a cooling device to chill the interior to 5°C below (0051 581) ambient temperature can be installed at the customer's request. 

    Further Applications in Biological Research

    MSE Supplies has additional products for use in expressing recombinant proteins or natural products in cyanobacteria extraction. Postma and co-workers (2017) explored bead/ball milling as a gentle way of breaking open cyanobacteria cell walls. Cyanobacteria were grown, concentrated with a centrifuge, and milled for economically valuable biomolecules. The authors compared protein extraction from three different species of cyanobacteria. Four different sizes of yttria stabilized zirconia beads were used in this process: 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.65 mm, and 1 mm. The authors favored the smaller sizes for gentle harvesting of protein from cyanobacteria.

    • 0.1 mm YSZ beads for DNA, proteins, and other molecules
    • 0.6 - 0.8 mm YSZ beads for pharmaceuticals and foods
    • 0.8 - 1.0 mm YSZ beads for foods, pharmaceuticals, DNA and RNA isolation
    • 500 mL Nylon Roller Mill Grinding Jar
    • 20L Nylon Roller Mill Grinding Jar

    Contact MSE Supplies to discuss protocol development.

    Hot Plate Shaker SM 30 AT control (Edmund Buhler, Made in Germany) - MSE Supplies LLC

    Hot Plate Shaker SM 30 AT control (Edmund Buhler, Made in Germany)

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