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MSE PRO 99% Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiDFP) for Battery Research

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MSE PRO™ Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiDFP), >99%

Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiDFP) is an off-white electrolyte additive. Its most common uses include being used as an electrolyte material in rechargeable batteries. It can reduce battery self-discharge, reduce the volume of lithium hexafluorophosphate, improve the battery high and low temperature performance to improve the cycling efficiency and capacity retention of cells and improve power capability.

Technical Data

Item Value
Chemical Name Lithium Difluorophosphate
  • LiDFP
  • LiPO2F2
  • Phosphorodifluoridic Acid Lithium Salt
  • Lithium phosphorus fluoride
  • Lithium phosphorus difluoride
  • Lithium fluorophosphide
  • Lithium phosphorodifluoridate
Chemical Formula F2H2LiO2P
  • CM1022: 25g
  • CM1023: 100g
CAS# 24389-25-1
Molecular Weight 107.91  g/mol
Appearance White powder
Purity >99 %
Water Content  <150 ppm
HF <100 ppm
Other Impurity <120 ppm
Solubility in Water Yes
Storage Store under inert gas
Condition to Avoid Moisture


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