Porous Titanium Foam

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What is Porous Titanium Foam

Porous titanium foam is a unique material characterized by its lightweight, high strength and distinct porous structure formed using sophisticated manufacturing techniques to introduce tiny, interconnected pores into solid titanium. These pores significantly expand the titanium foam’s surface area, enhancing its absorption capacity and overall performance in several applications. A notable characteristic of porous titanium foam is its impressive corrosion resistance, especially in electrolyte environments.

What Is Titanium Foam Used For

The distinct properties of porous titanium foam lend it to a broad range of applications:

  • Battery and Supercapacitor Substrates: The high surface area and corrosion resistance make titanium foam an ideal substrate for the in-situ growth of hierarchical electrode materials, enhancing battery and supercapacitor performance.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Its high absorption capacity is useful for delivering time-release medications.
  • Water Treatment: The foam's porous structure and chemical resistance enable it to filter and purify water effectively.
  • Food Industry: It is used in filtering processes to ensure the purity and safety of food products.
  • Biological Engineering, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry: Titanium foam’s excellent stability and resistance to corrosion under various conditions make it a valued material in these sectors.
  • Metallurgical Industry and Gas Purification: The foam is used for filtration and purification processes thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion.

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