Magnesium Aluminate Scandium Oxide ScAlMgO4 (SAM) Substrate

Magnesium Aluminate Scandium Oxide (ScAlMgO4), also known as SAM, is a promising substrate material for heteroepitaxial growth. It is hexagonal with lattice constant a: 3.246 Å, c: 25.195 Å. With the smallest lattice mismatch with GaN (1.8%) and ZnO (0.09%), it is a much better substrate for the epitaxial of ZnO and GaN compare to sapphire and silicon. It is widely used as substrate for epitaxial growth, power devices, LED, and many other applications. 

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Magnesium Aluminate Scandium Oxide ScAlMgO<sub>4</sub> (SAM) Substrate - MSE Supplies LLC

ScAlMgO4 Magnesium Aluminate Scandium Oxide (SAM) Substrate for GaN Epitaxy

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