Metal Bellows for Mini Arc Melter MAM-1, Part 8243

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Metal bellows (for Mini Arc Melter MAM-1), part number 8243 Edmund Buhler

Also need to order o-ring, part number 2515 for the replacement of the metal bellows for MAM-1.

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Instructions on replacing the metal bellows (part 8243) on MAM-1 compact arc melter. click here.

1. Remove tungsten electrode tip.
2. Loosen and remove all 6 screws (a).
3. Carefully pull out complete electrode holder.
4. Make sure that the connected water hoses and the current cable will not be bent. They need not be disconnected for the replacement of the metal bellows.

5. Unscrew threaded ring (b) with an open-ended wrench SM24mm or a pipe wrench.
6. Pull off metal bellows (c).
7. Remove the o-ring at the bottom of the copper electrode and replace, if necessary.
8. Remove o-ring (d) and place it on the new metal bellows.
9. Mount the new metal bellows on the copper electrode. Make sure that the o-ring is correctly positioned.
10. Screw threaded ring (b). Hold electrode at the other end (d) with an open-ended wrench SM17 and tight the threaded ring.
11. Remount complete electrode holder (its position is defined by the notch for the evacuation tube).
12. Fasten and tighten all 6 screws (a) again.
13. Screw tungsten electrode tip with nut again to the lower end of the electrode holder.