What You Need To Know About TEC Glass?

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TEC glass is an innovative product that has quickly found its way to many electronic devices. Basically, it is a neutral appearance electrically conductive glass featuring a low-emissivity coating. TEC glass is an abbreviation for Transparent Electrically Conductive Glass and is highly versatile in nature.

This glass includes a series of thin layers of metal oxides that are deposited on a clear glass via a pyrolytic on-line process. In this article, we are exploring various applications of TEC glass:

  • Oven Doors

The low emissive capabilities of TEC enable it to be used on electrical appliances, including oven doors. The glassworks insulate the oven from the outdoors. Moreover, the low-emissivity coating of the glass prevents you from the risk of burning, owing to the thermal insulation. The latter works to reduce the temperature of the door of the oven while offering a transparent glass. Lastly, the reduction of power consumption through thermal insulation, thereby reducing the heat dispersion in your kitchen.

  • Photovoltaics Field

A lot of people searching for tec glass use it for this purpose. This glass features transparent conductive oxide layers over the glass substrate, allowing it to be used in the photovoltaic field. In this application, the glass facilitates the transmissions of light via cells and the assimilation of power generated by photoelectric. Moreover, the glass’s electrical resistivity, as well as roughness, is determined based on the type of photovoltaic cell is being used.

  • Commercial Refrigerator

Since TEC glass is an electrically conductive glass featuring a low-emissivity coating, the glass is used in commercial refrigerators. They are used to facilitate thermal insulation of the interior environment. This allows the inside to stay cool and avoid the formation of condensation on the refrigerator glass. Moreover, if there is extreme humidity and significant differences in the temperature between the refrigerator and external environment, generally heated units are used to offer the right energy to the sheet in order to protect the formation of condensation. This helps in improving the visibility of the products placed inside the refrigerator.

  • Solar Control Glass

Excessive use of glass in modern architecture makes it crucial to consider the comfort and safety of the occupants of the building. Solar control glass is an invaluable feature while minimizing or eliminating the need for an AC system. This significantly reduces the cost of running the building and saving energy. This solar control glass is imbibed with the TEC glass, which allows it to provide the aforementioned benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In TEC Glass

Following are some of the reasons why you should use TEC glass -

  • It is transparent, which minimizes the reflection of colors.
  • It is electrically conductive to provide thermal and heated control, the restricted transmission of electromagnetic radiation, and electrostatic dissipation.
  • It helps in reducing the lead times as well as controlling the costs.
  • It offers resistance from abrasions and scratches.
  • It will not change the color with consistent use.
  • It offers high resistance from heat.
  • The glass is available in a wide range of sheet resistance and thickness. You will find the size starting from 8 ohms/sq and going up to thousands of ohm/sq.
  • It comes with a fabricated pyrolytic surface, which is capable of bear cuts, laminates, insulation, high temperature, bent, etc.

Final Thoughts

TEC glass has been an innovative contribution to the electrical landscape. The core design concept of the glass is focused on providing high heat resistance and insulation abilities. Along with offering versatile heated and thermal glass performance abilities, it increases the electrical conductivity and light transmittance. When looking for TEC glass, gathering adequate information can help you make a more informed decision.

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