Glovebox Version Compact Arc Melter MAM-1, Made in Germany by Edmund Buhler

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Quantity: from 5 to 20 g per charge
Temperature: up to 3500 °C, depending on quantity
Generator: outside of glovebox
Connection: 230 V / 50/60 Hz (different voltage on request)
Crucible plate: standard crucible plate or customized crucible plates
Options: Special cold crucible (suction casting), Vacuum pump, Turbomulecular pumping system HVT52/G, High vacuum gauge, Water flow control, Recirculating chiller


For oxygen-sensitive samples to be handled and alloyed in inert gas atmosphere
- Melting chamber and movable electrode inside of glovebox
- Generator, vacuum pump and operating panel at the outside

- Designed for melting samples of approx. 5-20 g up to 3500 °C,
sufficient for most laboratory purposes

- Small melting chamber ensures fast evacuation and low gas consumption

- Freely movable, water-cooled electrode

- Dismountable, water-cooled copper crucible plate with trough-shaped moulds

- Crucible plates with customized moulds on request

- Reliable, contactless ignition of the arc

- Powerful arc melting generator, in a separate housing

- Pressure manometer and valves for evacuation and gas inlet into the arc melting chamber

- Small roughing pump or turbomolecular pumping system (stand-alone unit)
for evacuation of the melting chamber

- Safety functions: Protection against overtemperature, eye protection.

- Connection : 230 V / 50/60 Hz / 1-phase

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