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MSE Supplies provides top-quality transfer membranes for all your molecular blotting applications. Our selection includes a wide array of sizes, shapes and materials. We also customize the dimensions, pore size and surface treatment to meet your specifications. Request a quote today.

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What is Transfer Membrane?

A transfer membrane is a specialized sheet of nitrocellulose or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) designed to immobilize nucleic acids or proteins for detection. It acts as the primary medium in various molecular blotting techniques, capturing molecules transferred from gels. In the intricate process of Western blotting, researchers predominantly use a specific type known as the western blot transfer membrane. This membrane plays a crucial role in ensuring proteins' effective transfer and fixation from a gel, enabling their subsequent detection and analysis.

In research and biotechnology, the transfer membrane enables scientists to visualize and identify specific proteins or nucleic acid sequences in a given sample.

What Applications is Transfer Membrane Used For?

A transfer membrane is indispensable in molecular biology and biotechnology. Renowned for its role in Western blotting, a western blot transfer membrane facilitates identifying and analyzing specific proteins from a sample. Beyond this, transfer membranes serve in applications like Southern and Northern blotting to detect specific DNA and RNA sequences, respectively. Furthermore, they are essential to molecular studies, specifically dot/slot blotting, microarrays and radiolabeled detection systems.

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