Scribing, Cleaving and Cutting Tools for Wafers, Glass and Crystal Substrates

Shop a variety of Scribing, Cleaving and Cutting Tools for Wafers, Glass and Crystal Substrates at MSE Supplies. MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor of ULTILE and LatticeGear products for scribing, cleaving and cutting Wafers, Glass and Crystal Substrates.

LatticeAx Options Package,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx Options Package

$ 1,48925
Replacement Scriber for FlexScribe,  MSE Supplies

Replacement Scriber for FlexScribe

$ 5900
FlipScribe 100,  MSE Supplies

High Performance FlipScribe 100 Wafer Scribing and Cleaving System

$ 4,99500
Extension for FlipScribe,  MSE Supplies

Extension for FlipScribe

$ 22425
FlipScribe Scribe Replacement in Cartridge,  MSE Supplies

FlipScribe Scribe Replacement in Cartridge

$ 43125
FlipScribe Wafer Holder Kit,  MSE Supplies

FlipScribe Wafer Holder Kit

$ 1,72500
Holder for 45 degree rotated lithography,  MSE Supplies

Holder for 45 degree rotated lithography

$ 46000
LatticeAx 120,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx 120

The Cleaving Station-with mat,  MSE Supplies

The Cleaving Station-with mat

$ 73485
LatticeAx high angle diamond indenter,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx high angle diamond indenter

$ 74175
LatticeAx Standard Diamond Indenter,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx Standard Diamond Indenter

$ 68425
LatticeAx 420,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx 420

LatticeAx 225,  MSE Supplies

LatticeAx 225

$ 18,50000
Small sample plier replacement tips,  MSE Supplies

Small sample plier replacement tips

$ 3220
Deep Cutting Wheel for FlexScribe,  MSE Supplies

Deep Cutting Wheel for FlexScribe

$ 4900
2-3-4" Wafer Holders for FlipScribe,  MSE Supplies

2-3-4" Wafer Holders for FlipScribe

$ 46000