0.33 mm 100 Ohm/Sq ITO Coated Thin Glass Substrate,  MSE Supplies LLC

0.33 mm 100 Ohm/Sq ITO Coated Thin Glass Substrate

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100 ~ 150 Ohm/sq, 0.33 mm thickness ITO Coated Thin Glass Substrate, Indium Doped Tin Oxide (In-SnO2 or ITO) coated glass

For FTO substrates, please click here.

ITO Patterns can be custom made based on customer's requirements.

  • Glass: NSG Soda Lime Glass (SLG)
  • Glass Transition Temperature: 564°C (1,047°F )
  • Dimension: 1" x 1" (25.4 mm x 25.4 mm), 2" x 2", 4" x 4", or can be customized.
  • Special ITO Patterns: can be customized according to customer provided drawings.
  • Etching Capability: Laser etching, wet etching for detailed patterns.  Both techniques have a resolution of +/- 50um.
  • Sheet resistance: 100 - 150 ohm/sq
  • Glass thickness: 0.33 mm is standard, other thickness can be customized
  • Transmittance: >85%

ITO conductive glass substrates

Grade (ohm/sq)

Size L x W (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Minimum of Order

Prices of non-etched ($/sheet)

Prices of etched Patterns ($/sheet)

100 ~ 150 10X10 0.33 100 sheets 4.25 POD

100 ~ 150



100 sheets



100 ~ 150



50 sheets



100 ~ 150



25 sheets





Indium tin oxide (ITO) is one of the most widely used transparent conducting oxides (TCO) because of its two main properties, its electrical conductivity and optical transparency. ITO can also be easily deposited on a substrate as a thin film. High quality sputtered Indium Doped Tin Oxide (ITO) films can be used as electrodes for photovoltaic/solar cells, LCD display, electro chemical deposition, capacitors, Infrared detection applications.

Customer Testimonials

Carlos Biaou, a PhD student at UC Berkeley worked with MSE Supplies to fabricate several hundred customized ITO and FTO substrates for his thesis research, and he had a very positive feedback on the products and services he received from MSE Supplies.

  • "The uniformity of the ITO and FTO layers were excellent, and the custom pattern I ordered was well formed."
  • "The variation in size from substrate to substrate is within the margins of errors I needed, so that's great too."
  • "I appreciate the great customer service and diligence you've shown in customizing my substrates."

Dr. Selma Duhovi from MIT has used the ITO and FTO substrates provided by MSE Supplies for smart glass application, and has been very satisfied with the products and services provided by MSE Supplies.

  • "The FTO and ITO glass slides you sent me work GREAT!"
  • "The substrates work really well for smart glass application."
  • "The experiments have gone well!"
Typical Academia Customers
NREL, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech, MIT, Yale, University of Michigan, Cornell, University of Chicago, State University of New York (SUNY), McMaster Univ., National Physical Laboratory (NPL), etc.