Pellet Pressing Dies and Press

Buy hardened steel (Rockwell hardness, Rc > 60) or tungsten carbide (Rc > 85) pellet pressing dies for pressing dry powder pellets from MSE Supplies. Different sizes and shapes are available. Both standard and custom-made Disc, Square, Sphere, Ring, and other special shape pressing dies are available.  FTIR and XRF pellet pressing dies.

MSE Supplies can provide a large variety of dry pellet pressing dies both standard and customized.  Other than hardened steel, MSE Supplies can also provide tungsten carbide pellet pressing dies. Please contact MSE Supplies for a quote. 

Pellet pressing dies with heating are available from MSE Supplies for the pressing of samples at above room temperatures. 

The maximum sizes available for pressing die sets are listed below:

  • Regular pressing die (cylindrical shape): 160 mm in diameter
  • Square shape: 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Spherical shape: 60 mm diameter
  • Ring type outside ring diameter: 90 mm

agate mortar & pestle sets are also available for purchase for grinding and mixing powders before pressing.

Benchtop pellet press equipment (both unheated and heated press) for lab uses are available from MSE Supplies. 

    Dry Pellet Pressing Die Spacer Replacement (One Piece) - MSE Supplies LLC

    Dry Pellet Pressing Die Replacement Spacer (One Piece)

    $ 3900
    Dry Pellet Pressing Die Replacement Anvil (One Piece) - MSE Supplies LLC

    Dry Pellet Pressing Die Replacement Anvil (One Piece)

    $ 8500