AFM Characterization, Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging Analytical Service,  MSE Supplies

AFM Characterization, Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging Analytical Service

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Starting at $300 per sample, MSE Supplies offers professional Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) characterization services using Bruker Dimension ICON2-SYS AFM or similar instrument.

* Note: Data analysis service is not included in the list prices.

Highlights: High Quality Data, Competitive Pricing, Technical Support by Scientists.

Before shipping samples to us, please contact to provide the SDS and confirm the sample requirements. This will help to avoid unnecessary delays in sample processing.

Atomic Force Microscopy uses a cantilever with a sharp probe that scans the surface of the specimen. When the tip of the probe travels near to a surface, the forces between the tip and sample deflect the cantilever according to Hooke's law.

Atomic force microscopy will measure a number of different forces depending on the situation and the sample that you want to measure. As well as the forces, other microscopes can include a probe that performs more specialized measurements, such as temperature.

The force deflects the cantilever, and this changes the reflection of a laser beam that shines on the top surface of the cantilever onto an array of photodiodes. The variation of the laser beam is a measure of the applied forces.

AFM analysis measures materials surface topography with atomic resolution. It is capable of quantifying surface roughness of samples down to the angstrom-scale. In addition to presenting a surface image, AFM can also provide quantitative measurements of feature sizes, such as step heights and other dimensions. Additionally, advanced modes of AFM allow for the qualitative mapping of various other physical properties, such as adhesion, modulus, dopant distribution, conductivity, surface potential, electric field, and magnetic domains.