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MSE PRO High Purity Boron Nitride (BN) Crucible with Lid

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What Are High-Purity Lab Crucibles?

High-purity lab crucibles are containers made from exceptionally pure materials, such as ceramics or metals, with minimal impurities. These crucibles can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemical environments and their purity ensures minimal contamination and accurate results, making them essential tools in research and experimentation.

High-Purity Lab Crucibles Applications

High-purity lab crucibles find versatile applications across numerous scientific fields. In materials research, they are used for melting, mixing, and analyzing samples with precise control over temperature and chemical reactions. Chemistry crucibles are essential for performing laboratory experiments, including heating, evaporation, and precipitation reactions. They are also used to analyze metals, ceramics, and other materials to determine their composition and properties. The exceptional purity of these crucibles ensures accurate and reliable results, making them indispensable tools in scientific investigations and laboratory processes.

Our Selection of Crucible Chemistry Lab Equipment

Our inventory of crucibles and covers for chemistry applications are made from various materials to ensure accuracy and purity in testing. Some of the compounds we use for our crucibles include:

  • Alumina: Alumina is a compound of aluminum and oxygen that is highly versatile. High purities of this substance offer impressive strength and corrosion- and wear-resistance that make it ideal for containing chemical reactions. Alumina ceramics are well-balanced and share crystalline structures with sapphires and rubies. This structure means it is one of the hardest engineered ceramics available.
  • Graphite: Graphite is a form of crystalline carbon that occurs when carbon undergoes high heat and pressure in the earth's crust. The carbon atoms form a hexagonal network and create sheets that are one atom thick. While this compound is extremely soft, it's highly resistant to heat and inert when it comes into contact with most materials. These properties make it ideal for crucibles as it will not create unwanted chemical reactions.
  • Porcelain: This ceramic material is made with refined materials like kaolinite clay heated to high temperatures to create a highly durable final product. Other materials, like alumina and silica, can be added to the clay to strengthen its properties. Despite its high strength, porcelain offers translucency in thin sheets. It also has low porosity and high resistance to thermal shock.
  • Zirconia: Zirconia or zirconium dioxide is a ceramic material with many ideal mechanical properties. It offers excellent chemical resistance, high strength at room temperature and corrosion resistance. Other properties of this ceramic are high hardness, wear resistance, fracture toughness and density. It also has low thermal conductivity.
  • Magnesium oxide: This alkaline earth metal oxide is often used for crucibles in chemistry due to its good corrosion resistance. Magnesia crucibles are often used in the nuclear, chemical and superalloy industries where corrosion resistance is essential. Additives like alumina and yttria can also be used to improve sintering properties.

How Do You Choose High-Purity Lab Crucibles?

When evaluating crucibles for sale, several factors are critical to the success of your application:

  • The temperatures at which the crucible must perform
  • The material the crucible is crafted from
  • The reactivity of the crucible’s contents
  • The ramp rate the crucible will be subjected to
  • The thermal gradient the crucible must withstand
  • The content volume the crucible must hold
  • The crucible’s shape
  • The ability of the crucible to fit inside the furnace
  • The crucible’s suitability to reuse

For more information, please refer to our Crucible Selection Guide.

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