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Pt and Au wire 0.6 mm dia., 10 mm length unit

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Platinum and gold are two the most common materials used as an auxiliary (counter) electrode in electrochemistry due to their unique physicochemical and catalytic properties (inertness and the speed with which most electrode reactions occur at its surface).  In general, these metals are considered as ideally inert electrodes, even though it is known that they are susceptible to dissolution in the presence of complexing agents. Platinum and gold wire is sold in units of 10 mm (0.3937 inch).

Application note:
Platinum and gold electrodes are extensively used in electrolysis, electrosynthesis as well as to study electrode processes using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. Platinum is the most used electrocatalyst in electrochemical energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and electrolysers. These metals are also commonly used as pseudo-reference electrodes under specific conditions in which classical liquid-junction reference electrodes cannot be used.

wire diameter: 0.6 mm
geometrical surface area of 1 cm long wire: 18.86 mm2
purity: Pt >99.95%, Au >99.99%
surface treatment: untreated

Product includes:
A selected number of units (10 mm each)