DSP-507 FAST Field Assisted / SPS / DCS Sintering Press,  MSE Supplies LLC

DSP-507 FAST Field Assisted / SPS / DCS Sintering Press

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DSP-507 FAST/SPS/DCS Sintering Press Made in Germany by Dr. Fritsch

  • for Research and Development as well as small-scale production
  • 85 kVA electric power
  • vacuum (20 mbar) and inert gas (N2; 95 % N2 and 5 % H2; Ar)
  • offers all the advantages of short cycle times by FAST-Direct Hot-Pressing
  • precise measurement of temperature and pressure - up to 6 thermocouples connectable, 2 of them for control of exchange parts

Download DSP-507 Technical Specification / Data Sheet


  • different pressure ranges
  • electronic stroke control system to show the compression
  • process documentation by PC control system
  • rack for up to 8 thermocouples, 2 of them for control of exchange parts
  • temperature control with pyrometer
  • sintering temperature up to 2400°C
  • active suction
  • uninterrupted power supply for control
  • barcode reader
  • special colors

Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) , also known as Spark plasma sintering (SPS), or Direct Current Sintering (DCS), is an innovative sintering technique, which has been increasingly used to sinter a variety of materials with nano-sized grains and superior properties.

Dr. Fritsch is the market leader in field assisted sintering (FAST) / SPS / DCS furnaces and presses. More than 1,000 FAST sinter presses have been installed at research universities and companies worldwide. In fact, Dr. Fritsch produces more FAST / SPS / DCS sintering presses per year than all other manufacturers combined!

The main characteristic of Dr. Fritsch FAST press / SPS / DCS furnace is that the continuous high density electric current directly passes through the graphite die, as well as the powder compact, in case of conductive samples. Joule heating has been found to play a dominant role in the densification of powder compacts, which results in achieving near theoretical density at lower sintering temperature compared to conventional sintering techniques. The heat generation is internal, in contrast to the conventional hot pressing, where the heat is provided by external heating elements. This facilitates a very high heating or cooling rate (up to 1000 K/min), hence the sintering process generally is very fast (within a few minutes). The general speed of the process ensures it has the potential of densifying powders with nanosize or nanostructure while avoiding coarsening which accompanies standard densification routes. This has made SPS a good method for preparation of ceramics based on nanoparticles with enhanced physical properties.

MSE Supplies LLC is the designated distributor of Dr. Fritsch Sintering Presses in the United States.

All customer services are provided by MSE Supplies and all spare parts and accessories are shipped from the USA, which keeps the cost low and delivery fast for the customers of Dr. Fritsch FAST / SPS / DCS presses and furnaces.