Diamond Epitaxial Wafer

Diamond epitaxial wafer refers to the wafer that have thin layers of diamond grown on top of a substrate . The epitaxial growth of diamond involves the deposition of carbon atoms onto a surface under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure, resulting in a layer of diamond crystal that has the same orientation and structure as the substrate. Diamond epitaxial wafer has several advantages over other materials such as high thermal conductivity, high breakdown voltage, high electron mobility, and high carrier mobility. These superior properties make diamond epitaxial wafer an ideal material for various applications, including high power electronics, nuclear, spatial, quantum computing, sensors, etc.

Customized diamond epitaxial wafers with either p-type or n-type doping in different sizes are available upon request.

Diamond Epitaxial Wafer for Diodes - MSE Supplies LLC

Diamond Epitaxial Wafer for Diodes

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