Anric Technologies Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System AT200M

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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a powerful thin-film deposition technique. Comparing to traditional Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), ALD allows even higher quality surface layer with nearly pinhole-free and excellent uniformity, and conformal (coating the backside, filling holes even in porous substrates or coating powders).  These advantages are related to its controllable process. The whole process is continuous and self-limiting, which means the material in the chamber is slowly deposited by precursor separately in single atomic layer and the steps are repeated until achieving desired thickness. It is widely used in electronic, biomedical, photovoltaic, catalysis, sensors, batteries, quantum (2D materials) and other applications.

MSE Supplies offers the Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition System AT200M from Anric Technologies. 

AT200M is the smallest footprint ALD system available on the market and actually fits in a glovebox. . It is specially designed for simple operation and installation with a focus on educational and metrology markets, where small size and cost effectiveness are the largest concerns. When working with samples that dictate glovebox usage, such as sulfides, the compact nature of the AT200M turns this into a trivial matter. AT200M utilizes semiconductor grade components, metal sealed lines, and a robust programmable logic controller (PLC) driven user interface that yields fast cycling and high quality single component thin films while still realizing easy maintenance and safe, repeatable operation. 

The AT200M is also helpful for TEM applications as trenches that can be
conformally filled with a thin ALD oxide, typically HfO2, and then cross-sectioned. The high atomic number of Hf provides excellent contrast in TEM. The unobtrusive footprint of the AT200M matches that of evaporators/sputtering tools commonly used with SEM/TEM (SEMS can use platinum conductive coatings).

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Manufacturer: Anric Technologies

Main Features:

Options: Vacuum pump | Ozone generator (AT-O3-1)[required for SiO2, low temp. Pt, Ir, MoO2, high quality Al2O3 below 60C and high quality HfO2] | Bottle heater | Custom chucks/holders (2x2 inch wafers also available) | ALD precursors | 4 port option | Remote software control | QCM | Door for QCM (w/o QCM) | Powder coat option (10 micron powders or larger)

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Technical Specifications


Standard Recipes

Oxides (AxOy)

Al, Si*, Ti, Zn, Zr, Hf, Ta, Sn, Mg*, Ir*, V, Mo, W

Elementals (A)

Ru, Pd*, Pt*, Ni, Co, W

Nitrides (AxNy)

Al, Ti, Zr, Hf, W

Sulfides (AxSy)

W, Al, Ti, Mo, Zn

*Requires ozone (ATOzone)

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About Anric Technologies: Anric Technologies was founded in 2014 by researchers from Harvard University to address the gap in the market for benchtop ALD tools designed and optimized for small samples and small budgets.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor of Anric Technologies for USA and Canada.