Solid Electrolyte Materials

Ampcera® solid state electrolyte materials are used in all-solid-state Lithium batteries and other advanced lithium batteries.  Compared to a liquid electrolytes, battery a solid electrolyte battery has the advantages of higher energy density (~2X), better safety, and long term stability. Commonly studied solid electrolyte materials include sulfide compounds (e.g. Argyrodite, LGPS, LPS, etc.), garnet structure oxides (e.g. LLZO with various dopants), NASICON-type phosphate glass ceramics (LAGP), oxynitrides (e.g. lithium phosphorus oxynitride or LIPON), and polymers (PEO).  The lithium ionic conductivity of the inorganic solid electrolyte materials ranges from 10−4 S/cm  up to 10−2 S/cm at room temperature. MSE Supplies also offers sodium beta alumina solid electrolyte powder. 

Because of the high ionic conductivity and stable quality, Ampcera™ solid state electrolyte materials have been used by many well-known companies and research labs worldwide for the development and manufacturing of advanced lithium batteries.  Both standard and customized solid state electrolyte materials are offered to meet customer's specific requirements for R&D and production.  Products can be ordered as little as a few grams or as much as 100 kg with consistent quality.Order your solid state battery materials today or discuss with our materials scientists about your specific project needs. 

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Silicon Disulfide, SiS<sub>2</sub>, 99.999% 5N High Purity Powder - MSE Supplies LLC

Silicon Disulfide, SiS2, 99.999% 5N High Purity Powder

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