List of 2018 Journal Impact Factors (IF) - Materials Science Related Journals

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The 2018 Journal Impact Factors (IF) have been released based on the journal citation statistics from 2017. Below are some of the highlights of materials science related journals as reported by MSE Supplies LLC (

2018 journal impact factors materials science

Nature series journals are among the most cited journals. Nature Review Materials (IF = 51.941), Nature Energy (IF = 46.859), Nature Materials (IF = 39.235), Nature Nanotechnology (IF = 37.490) are some of the highest impact journals in the field of materials science. 

Advanced Materials (IF = 21.950), Advanced Energy Materials (IF = 21.875) and Advanced Functional Materials (IF = 13.325) remain as popular journals with high impact factors. 

Among the many different research fields, the hottest subjects are Energy Materials, Nano Materials, and Materials Chemistry, as evidenced by the high impact factors of journals focused on these topics.

About Journal Impact Factors

Journal impact factors are found in Journal Citation Reports (JCR). JCR is a unique database which is used to determine the relative influence of journals within their subject categories.

An impact factor is one of the metrics to measure the quality of a journal. This is calculated by the number of citations received by the journal, from other journals within the Web of Science database.



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