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You have to admit that the laboratory is one of the scariest places we have ever been to. Those lizards, frogs, and fishes packed in a water-full transparent tube used to scare us at night. Not just that, almost all the substances in the lab your eyes could capture are less or more framed with glasses. One main reason for the high usage of glasses in science labs is to make things transparent so that students can see and learn the biological parts of creatures. However, this wouldn’t be possible if the glass cutting table doesn’t do its job perfectly. I mean, of course, lab attendants have to cut glasses of different shapes and sizes to accommodate different things easily into it. That’s not all, even for the litmus test students need two long rectangular glasses so that they can experiment accordingly.

In this blog, I’ll let you know why a glass cutting table is one of the basic requirements of laboratories and how can you buy one online.

Why laboratory glass cutting machine is required?

It’s not just science labs in schools where there is a high use of glass but many research and development centres need it too. Whether their purpose is to check the reactions of different chemicals for medication making or perform tests on patient’s diseases in healthcare labs, a variety of glass materials is very much needed. In that case, if a laboratory glass cutting machine is at your disposal, you are very much independent.

How to buy online laboratory glass cutting machine?

First, you need to decide what kind of glass cutting machine you need to buy. If you want one that can cut glass slides, wafers, single crystal, and TCO coated substrates then MSE Supplies is the best site to place your order.

With their laboratory glass cutting machine, you will get two replaceable carbide cutting wheels that can be used to cut glasses with thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm. However, as far as the minimum size of thin glass is concerned, it can cut the glass with less than 2mm thickness. What’s best, the life of the cutting wheel is so long that it can cut 20,000 meters of glass easily. Besides that, the size of the cutter is 370mm*370mm, and the cutting area is 280mm*330mm.


1 – Easy to operate

2 – Offers high cutting precision

3 – Convenient to carry anywhere

4 – Long life of service

5 – Smooth graphite bearings

Final tip

There are many things to keep in mind while purchasing a laboratory glass cutting machine. But the most important thing you must not overlook is the strength of the knife. When cutting glass, it is extremely important to ensure that the knife cuts the glass in one go. If not, it could develop scratch joints that will cause the glass to break. All in all, buy a glass cutting machine that serves your purpose, not just creates unnecessary trouble.

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