Septum Adapter, ND9 Septum, 20 mm Long

  • £26500

The septum adapter is an accessory that allows a pierceable septum port to be added to nearly all cells via a 6 mm electrode port. The septum adapter can be used to sample aliquots of the liquid or headspace gas within the cell or to introduce reactants during multistep electrochemical synthesis under an inert atmosphere. The standard septum adapter has a 20 mm long 6 mm OD insertion tube, but the tube length can be customised on request.

The septum adapter consists of three main components:

  1. A 2-part PEEK septum holder and septum mount; the septum holder is a 20 mm long and 6 mm OD insertion tube with threaded cup to retain the septum; the septum mount is a funnel-shaped threaded insert to seal the septum port.
  2. A replaceable septum.
  3. A replaceable FKM/FFKM O-ring for aqueous or organic applications respectively.

Application note:
The septum adapter can be added to nearly every cell in the product line via one of the 6 mm electrode ports, and the depth of insertion can be controlled by adjusting the position of the O-Ring along the adapter tube. For gas sampling shorter insertion depths ensure that needle tip is in the headspace of the cell and for liquid sampling or addition the adapter can be inserted up to the full length of the adapter tube such that the needle tip is in the reaction mixture/electrolyte.
To replace the septum, first unthread the two PEEK parts and remove the used septum. Insert the new septum, paying attention to which surface faces the reaction mixture (the body of the adapter) when using bi-material septa. Thread on the septum mount to retain the septum taking care to not overtighten the cap. Exchange the O-Ring if required.

Insertion tube diameter: 6 mm
Insertion tube length: 20 mm
O-Ring: ID 5.5 mm CS 1.5 mm, suitable for 8 mm dia port
Included septum: bi-material septum (PTFE and silicone)
Septum size: ND9 (9 mm dia.)

Intrastat data:
NET weight: 100 g

Product includes:
1 x PEEK septum holder with a 20 mm long 6 mm OD insertion tube
1 x PEEK septum mount
1 x bi-material septum (PTFE and silicone)
1 x O-Ring (FKM or FFKM depending on the selected variant)

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