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Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP) Nonlinear Optical Crystal

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Potassium titanyl phosphate crystal (KTiOPO4, KTP) is a well-known nonlinear optical material for efficient frequency conversion of laser radiation in the near- and mid-infrared range. The popularity of KTP originates in its high laser-induced damage threshold of up to 30 GW/cm(single-shot measurement with 8.5 ns pulses at the wavelength of 1.064 µm), wide transparency range of 0.35−4.5 µm, sufficiently high nonlinear optical coefficients of d31 = 2.2 pm/V, d32 = 3.7 pm/V and d33 = 14.6 pm/V, and possibilities of manufacturing periodically poled structures in the crystal. Presently, KTP is considered a promising material for converting infrared (IR) laser radiation to terahertz waves. 

Transmitting Range: 350nm ~ 4500nm
Phase Matching Range: 984nm ~ 3400nm
Refractive Index: @1064nm 1.7377(nx) 1.7453(ny) 1.8297(nz)
@532nm 1.7780(nx) 1.7886(ny) 1.8887(nz)
Sellmeier Equations:(l in µm) Nx2 = 3.0065 + 0.03901 / ( l2 - 0.04251) - 0.01327l2
Ny2 = 3.0333 + 0.04154 / ( l2 - 0.04547) - 0.01408l2
Nz2 = 3.3134 + 0.05694 / ( l2 - 0.05658) - 0.01682l2
Therm-Optic Coefficient:(10-5/°C) dnx/dT=1.1 dny/dT=1.3 dnz/dT=1.6
Absorption Coefficient: a<1%/cm @1064nm and 532nm
Nonlinear Optical Coefficients and Equation: @1064nm d31=2.54pm/V d32=4.35pm/V d33=16.9pm/V
d24=3.64pm/V d15=1.91pm/V  
deff(II)=(d24-d15)sin2f sin2q - (d15sin2f +d24cos2q )sinq
Electro-optic coefficients: Low Frequency(pm/V) High Frequency(pm/V)


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