MSR PRO Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses

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MSR PRO Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses

MSE supplies offers standard and customized Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses with different materials, dimension, surface qualify, etc.

Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses, as indicated by the name, is a special cylindrical lenses with one flat surface and one convex surface. Unlike spherical lenses, which converge light into a spot, Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses converge light into a line. It is widely used to generate laser lines.

Technical Data:

Parameters Value
Material K9
Size (mm) 2-500
Size Tolerance (mm) ±0.0/-0.1
Thickness Tolerance (mm) +/-0.1
Centration 3'
Surface Quality 40/20
Bevel Protective bevel as needed
Coating Uncoated, AR, BBAR

MSE Supplies can offer a variant of optical elements, with different material, size, surface quality and coating. Please contact us for customization or bulk orders.