MSE PRO Single Point Pneumatic Welding Machine for Cylinder Cell Battery Tab Welding

  • £3,04400


MSE Supplies offers a single point pneumatic welding machine for cylinder cell research. It is designed for welding the negative terminal (Nickel tab) to the bottom of cylinder case. The well designed welding needle (2mm Dia. x 180mm L) has a good access to cylinder cell and weld the bottom case. It can deliver a precise and stable welding performance.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Adjustable welding pulse: monopulse, dipulse, multiple-pulse welding
  • Compact design and stable welding performance

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

    Product SKU #

    BR0243A 110V

    BR0243B 220V

    Air Pressure Range 0.1~0.8 Mpa
    Welding Current Up to 99 A
    Welding Thickness 0.03 - 0.25 mm
    Weight 100 lbs (45kg)
    Dimensions 12''L x 19.9''W x 19.3''H (305x505x490 mm)
    Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support 

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