MSE PRO Single Crystal High Nickel NMC Ni90 Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2) Cathode Powder, 500g

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MSE PRO™ Single Crystal High Nickel NMC Ni90 Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2) Cathode Powder, 500g

High-nickel layered oxides are enabling extraordinary growth of electric vehicles market due to its high energy density and low cost. Ni-rich cathodes have high specific energy capacity (200–250 mAh/g) and the relatively high operating voltage (≈4.3 V vs Li+/Li), which are more promising in many applications compared to the other cathode materials, such as LiCoO2, LiFePO4, Li2MnO4, etc.

MSE Supplies offers a single crystal high nickel (Ni90) Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2) with high capacity and good cycling performance. 

SKU#: PO5025

Package Size: 500g

Main Advantages: single crystal, long cycling life, high power, high capacity


  • Appearance: Black powder
  • Molecular Formula: LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2
  • Chemical Name or Material: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
  • Particle sizes:
    • D10: 1.9±0.9 µm
    • D50: 4.0±1.0 µm
    • D90: 7.5±2.5 µm 
  • Tap density: 1.2±0.2 g/cm3
  • pH:  ≤12.3
  • BET Specific Surface Area: 0.90±0.25 m2/g
  • First Discharge Capacity
    • 0.2C, button half cell, vs. Li:  ≥207 mAh/g (4.25~2.5V)
    • 0.2C, button half cell, efficiency ≥86.0%
 Parameter Specifications
Li (wt%) 7.10±0.20
Ni (wt%) 54.00±1.50
Mn (wt%) 2.20±0.50
Co (wt%) 2.90±0.50

CO32- (wt%)


OH- (wt%)

Fe (ppm) ≤30
Cu (ppm) ≤30
Na (ppm) ≤200
Ca (ppm) ≤200
Mg (ppm) ≤150
Zn (ppm) ≤20


Questions and Answers

What can affect the stability of NMC when cycled to high voltages?

  The stability of NMC is affected by 

  1. structural transformation from layered to spinel and/or rock-salt phases
  2. mechanical damage such as crack formation in active particles
  3. parasitic reactions between cathode and the electrolyte 
  4. migration, segregation and dissolution of transition metals 

Q  Why do single crystals matter?

A  The benefits of single crystal cathode materials:

  1. Coatings on single crystal particles remain intact with repeated cycling 
  2. less undesirable side reactions with the electrolyte
  3. long lasting and durable lithium ion battery cells
  4. high gravimetric energy density and high volumetric energy

Q  Why single crystal NMC is trending in EV industry?

A  As battery is the most expensive component of EV, not only does battery health affect the vehicle’s residual value, but it also has a direct impact on the maximum usable range over time. The cycling life of battery using traditional NMC is usually shorten in an extreme weather condition. Single crystal NMC with better structure stability is a promising cathode material for long life time EV applications. The Tesla researchers patented a single crystal NMC which can be cycled for more than 4000 cycles at 40 °C.


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