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MSE PRO Premium Grade Synthetic Diamond Superabrasive Micropowder

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MSE PRO™ Premium Grade Synthetic Diamond Superabrasive Micropowder


Diamond micropowders are widely used in many fields, ranging from machinery to the space industry. Grinding and polishing ceramics, hard non-ferrous alloys, composite materials essentially are based on use of the diamond powders as superabrasives. They have a wide range of polishing applications in ultra-high precision industries such as semiconductors and optoelectronics.


  • High Grade Synthetic Diamond as Raw Material
  • Low Impurities and Narrow Size Distribution
  • Controlled and Customized Crystal Shape
  • Strictly-controlled particle size distribution
  • Uniform and blocky shape without needle and flake shape
  • High strength, good thermal stability and excellent wear resistance

Note: Particle size range is D10-D90. 

MSE Supplies can offer different grades of diamond powders. Various types of diamond are available including surface-modified diamond, agglomerated diamond powder, diamond slurry, saw grit, wheel grit, etc. Please contact us if you need more detailed information or customization. 


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