Conductive Carbon Paper (210 mm L x 200 mm W x 0.3 mm T) for Battery, Fuel Cell and Supercapacitor Research,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Conductive Carbon Paper (100 mm L x 100 mm W x 0.3 mm T) for Battery, Fuel Cell and Supercapacitor Research

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Product Details:

Conductive carbon (graphite) paper is widely used as a substrate or support of electrode material for battery, fuel cell, and supercapacitor research. Conductive carbon paper can also be used for catalysis, sensor, water splitting and microbial fuel cells. Due to its flexibility and high conductivity, conductive carbon paper is a popular substrate for flexible electronic devices. 

Specifications of Conductive Carbon Paper

SKU# BR0317
Size 100mm x 100mm (Customizable)
Thickness 0.3 mm
Electrical resistivity  3 mΩ/cm2
Porosity  75
Gas barrier resistance <12 mm H2O
Density 0.78 g/cm3
Bending radius >10 cm


1. Integrated Three-Dimensional Carbon Paper/Carbon Tubes/Cobalt-Sulfide Sheets as an Efficient Electrode for Overall Water Splitting, ACS Nano 2016, 10, 2, 2342–2348

2. Lithium–sulphur batteries with a microporous carbon paper as a bifunctional interlayer, Nat. Commun., 3, 1166 (2012)

3. Polyaniline networks grown on graphene nanoribbons-coated carbon paper with a synergistic effect for high-performance microbial fuel cells, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2013,1, 12587-12594