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MSE PRO Basic Laboratory Peristaltic Pump

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MSE PRO™ Basic Laboratory Peristaltic Pump 

MSE Supplies offers basic laboratory peristaltic pumps with three different flow rate options. It belongs to the digital speed-type peristaltic pump. It displays the current flow through LED and is able to perform liquid volume calibration. It is a specialized equipment used in laboratory settings to transport liquids in a controlled and precise manner. It operates based on a peristaltic pumping principle, where a flexible tubing is compressed and released by rotating rollers, creating a gentle and pulsating flow of liquids. This pumping mechanism is particularly useful for applications that require accurate fluid delivery without the risk of contamination or damage to the transported material.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Technical Specifications:

SKU# LS0216 LS0217 LS0218
Speed Range 0.1~100rpm (reversible) 0.1~300rpm (reversible) 0.1~600rpm (reversible)
Speed Resolution 0.1rpm
Flow Rate 0.0015~380ml/min 0.007~1140ml/min 0.007~2280ml/min
Filling Accuracy ±0.5%
Flow Calibration Yes
Pump Head YZ
Display Mode 4-LED display
Power Supply AC110V
Power Consumption <22W <35W <50W
Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Relative Humidity <80%, No condensation
Drive Size 234×154×143 (mm) 254×184×150 (mm)
Drive Weight 5.15kg 5.8kg
Motor Type Stepper motor
IP Grade IP31
Working Mode Transmission mode