MSE PRO Automatic Film Coater With Top Heating Dryer For Battery Electrode Coating, 250mm Coating Width

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MSE PRO™ Automatic Film Coater With Top Heating Dryer For Battery Electrode Coating, 250mm Coating Width

MSE Supplies offers a heated automatic film coater with heating dryer, vacuum aluminum chuck and adjustable film applicator, which is designed to produce films with consistent thickness. The flat vacuum chuck and vacuum pump are built-in to hold substrate sheet firmly, which is particularly useful when coating on thin and soft substrate. One micrometer adjustable film applicator is included for immediate use. It has a unique driving system to ensure smooth coating on all types of substrates. The heating capability (130°C) enables the fast drying of slurry and coating of temperature sensitive material. This film coater is widely used for ceramic tape castings and lithium ion battery electrode coating. 

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

Customized design such as coating width and heating options is available upon request.


Product Number (SKU#) BR0411
Source voltage AC 110V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase 
Coating width Standard 250mm. Can be customized.
Coating stroke 10 - 300 mm adjustable 
Coating speed 0-120mm/s, Step-less transmission   Accuracy: 10mm/sec
Vacuum plate Aluminum plate with vacuum
Vacuum plate dimension L415mm×W300mm×H32mm
Film applicator thickness adjust range 0-6mm adjustable
Heating drying system RT-130°C, Digital temperature controller

1. One built-in oil-free vacuum pump

2. Heating system : Installed on the top cover

Built in digital temperature controller with accuracy of +/-1°C.

Suspension support helps open cover easily and safely.

Max. Heating Rate:10°C/min

3. A 250mm width micrometer adjustable film applicator

Traverse Pusher is included for pushing the Film Applicator to ensure the constant coating speed

Machine dimension 550x450x320mm
Machine weight About 70kg